Friday, June 28, 2013

Retro Repair Tips Mini 1: N64 Joystick Repair!

        Welcome to my first RRT Mini! These are quick little write-ups that I plan on doing in my spare time, for things that don't require too much effort, or aren't that difficult.

        Today I will be detailing the process of replacing the joystick on the N64 controller. All too often you find that most N64 controllers have loose, or faulty joysticks, be it because of regular use, or abuse. Luckily, replacing the joystick is a quick and easy process that anyone can do!

Nintendo 64
Joystick Replacement
        Tools Needed:
  • Small Phillips Screwdriver
        Parts Needed:
  • One(1) Replacement Nintendo 64 controller Joystick from Repairbox
        To start this repair off you're going to need to flip over that bad boy and have a look at the back. There are a total of nine(9) Phillips head screws that you need to remove. Eight(7) larger screws that I will circle in red, and two(2) small screws located in the rumble pak/controller pak slot that I will mark in orange.

        Once you've removed those, just left the back of the controller off. I tend to leave all the screws in place, especially the two in the expansion slot, because those are hard as heck to get back in sometimes. Set that aside, and take a look at the guts. You want to remove the three(3) Phillips screws that I will mark in yellow. Be careful not to remove the screw immediately above the bottom of the three screws, as the joystick will spring open and fall apart.

        Once you have those screws removed, you'll want to move the contact for the Z button, like so.

        Finally, remove the cable that plugs into the controller's motherboard, and pull the old joystick out. Go ahead and install the new joystick, making sure to properly replace the Z button contact, and connect the cable to the motherboard, the white wire will be facing left.



        You may have a bit of trouble closing the case, because of the wire length, finding a comfortable position can be hard, but you'll find one after trying at it for a bit. It's much easier on see through controllers.
        Once you've got it all sealed up, try it out, and see how good a newer joystick feels after playing with a shoddy loose one! Damn Mario Party mini games...The final step is to THROW THE OLD LOOSE ONE AWAY. VIOLENTLY.

Sorry. Don't do that. You're done! Give yourself a pat on the back!

        I hope you liked this mini tutorial, and I will definitely be putting these out as often as possible. Thanks for reading! Leave me some positive, or negative feedback in the comment section here, or on Facebook!

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